Ignorance is not bliss.

Kids have no voice. Parents make decisions for them, hoping they make informed decision and not fall for those purveyors of ignorance. Tell the world why you chose to vaccinate.

If you have not vaccinated, here is a link for catch up immunization.
Get questions answered from this site here: https://ivaccinate.org/answering-your-questions/
Moms *FOR* vacccines speaking up here: https://www.voicesforvaccines.org/
Global Vaccine Alliance : https://www.gavi.org/

The question becomes, why would you want to listen to me? You don’t know me from Jack, but neither do you know the anti vaxxers who spew garbage science. I understand the mentality of following the crowd, it’s easy to do. But, I suggest you do the *hard* thing, spend time, read, educate yourself. Being a parent is a life long commitment, don’t abuse it.

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HPV Vaccination Coverage Data

HPV vaccination rates are increasing, as more children are up to date on HPV vaccination. In 2017, roughly half (49 percent) of adolescents were up to date on the HPV vaccine, and 66 percent of adolescents ages 13-17 years received the first dose to start the vaccine series. On average, the percentage of adolescents who started the HPV vaccine series increased by 5 percentage points each year over the past five years (2013-2017). Read more.

An improved vaccine for bacterial meningitis and bloodstream infections

Researchers have now developed a new vaccine, a native outer membrane vesicle (NOMV) vaccine, for meningitis and bloodstream infections caused by ‘meningococcal group B’ bacteria. This will allow younger people to be vaccinated and will address several limitations of the current vaccinations. Full story here: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/06/190628134819.htm